In a cozy cottage in hotel complex «Pidkova» is bathhouse on the wood with a swimming pool . People have long known about the benefits of the bath. Another issue physician Hippocrates attributed half of the patients following the procedure. Sauna culture has become a kind of healing and rejuvenation.

So we created for our guests is unparalleled relaxing place!

Ancient Slavs knew about the healing, restorative and rejuvenating effect of the bath. And now its healing power is not fully understood, however, a huge benefit bath is not questioned.
So Fulfil your holiday wellness treatments that are proven years of experience, with our bath.
So, in hotel complex «Pidkova» your service bathhouse with wood (up to 8 people) with pool , which will complement your stay.
Cost: Bath on the wood of the pool — 150 UAH. / hr. / up to 8 people.
When ordering 3 o'clock — four hours for free.
For those who live in the hotel complex is a flexible system of discounts.